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At Crest Pro Power we are passionate about using our industry expertise to decarbonize the commercial and life science sectors . We offer our clients a full turnkey EPCMV solution to their energy consumption needs.

  • Engineering

  • Procurement

  • Construction Management

  • Validation

We use state of the art data management and system monitoring software to advise on a continual energy reduction program. With life science industries pushing to have net zero carbon emissions we at Crest Pro Power want to be the global leader in this process.

We look in depth at the customers energy usage and projected demand to provide a tailormade energy solution that will allow the customer to take responsibility of their own electricity supply, by self-generating and storing energy using Solar PV and Energy Storage Systems technology.

We offer end to end service for every client we deal with. We will be in direct contact at all times with the customer from the concept phase right through to commissioning. We also stay in contact with the customer for the long term after the install by advising on a continual energy reduction programme based on big data from the assets within the organisation.