Solar Solutions


Solar has become one of the most popular sources of renewable energy, offering a zero carbon solution that delivers a significant return on investment, with the ability to scale and despite what you might expect, Solar panels can generate energy on cloudy days. ESB Smart Energy Services integrates Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) with Solar Thermal technology to maximise your organisation’s ROI and its CO2 savings. Our industry-leading generation technologies provide clean energy, while stabilising costs. Available as a funded solution, organisations can take advantage of immediate savings, while offsetting project and maintenance costs. Solar is much more cost effective than other renewable energy sources such as wind. It can be mounted on roofs as well as on ground mounts so it can make use of space that would normally be wasted. Since there is no mechanical moving parts there is no need for any routine maintenance to be carried out.

Benefits of Solar

  • 100% Renewable Solution

  • Significant Cost & Carbon Savings

  • Works in All Weather

  • Scalable & Adaptable

Solar Panels

CPP use mono-crystalline solar panels through our long-term relationship with manufactures . Our partners are a leading global solar company constantly exploring new approaches and technologies at their four state-of-the-art R&D centers in Germany, Korea, China and Malaysia. Their products have been independently tested and certified by the rigorous and independent quality assurance program of the German certification institute, VDE, and by their additional internal quality testing programs. Our partners are recognized and renowned across the global PV industry as a brand with a superior level of quality