Energy System Storage

Energy System Storage

Crest Pro Power offers Energy System Storage solutions to enable large businesses to store energy generated during low tariff periods and use it when tariff prices are high. our system can be incorporated with PV Solar to store any excess PV generation. Our customers can benefit from Revenue streams through demand response schemes where the customer can benefit from having the battery available to the Grid for fixed payments.

Our battery partners are constantly working on the latest state of the art technology to ensure that our customers are receiving the most efficient battery available.

Why choose Energy System Storage?

With Ireland aiming to generate 70% of their electricity through renewable energy by 2030 there will be significant strain on the grid to remain balanced at 50Hz and the risk of brownouts or blackouts occurring are going to be high due to the unpredictable energy generation that comes from renewable energy. With our Energy System Storage we can offer both resilience to not be effected by brownouts as well as backup power supply. Our system has a 150 millisecond response time which means there is no drop in power compared to a diesel generator backup.

Having our Energy System Storage in also opens you up to the DS3 market for trading energy. This market is used to help stabilize the national grid be using your battery to store excess electricity when the frequency is to high or draws from it when its too low. Being on this market offers huge financial incentives so the return on investment is dropped as well as the system continues to make money after it has paid itself off.

We use big data to monitor the energy usage of your facility and are able to use the Energy System Storage for peak shaving to reduce energy bills.

Battery technology

• Cobalt-free, LiFePO4 battery storage and power conversion system.

• Energy cells (Not B1/B2/B3 grade car cells repurposed for storage).

• Inert – No risk of thermal runaway.

• 100% recyclable.

• High density for LiFePO4.

• High capacity cells 160Ah – Less cells needed so BMS can be less complex.

• Modular design

• 15 Year Warranty

The Energy Storage System range in size between 500kWh - 10MWh


Energy Storage Systems offers you the flexibility around your energy consumption which in turn will reduce your energy costs and exposure at points of peak demand. We’ll even fund the cost of the battery so there is no upfront investment required from you.

  • Reduced Costs with reduced exposure to peak electricity demand periods

  • Revenue streams through demand response schemes

  • Increased resilience with back-up power supply