Process Excellence Management

CPP designs, builds and installs renewable energy solutions to allow commercial Industry to take responsibility for their own electricity supply, by self-generating and storing energy using Solar PV and Energy Storage Systems.

We decarbonize Life Science, commercial and domestic sites through industrial PV and Energy Storage Systems technology combined with data analytics.

We provide Energy As a Service (EAS) for large industrial customers.

We harness environmental big data to manage key metrics.

We optimize environmental software platforms to provide green energy to our customers

We ensure our customers are compliant with energy and environmental objectives.

We reduce our customers environmental impact while future proofing against carbon taxes.

We are thought leaders in environmental impacts and trends.

We provide an advisory service for future changes in carbon taxes and industry impact.

Tailored Solutions

We a Crest Pro Power want to offer our clients a fully tailored energy solution based off their own unique needs. As part of this we offer end to end service for every client we deal with. We will be in direct contact at all times with the customer from the concept phase right through to commissioning. We also stay in contact with the customer for the long term after the install by advising on a continual energy reduction programme based on big data from the assets within the organisation.

We work with a client to guide them through the process which best suits their organisation. We will advise on what grants are available and how to reduce your carbon footprint while still generating revenue for your organisation.

What we provide

We at CPP follow the EXEED standards on all our projects. This standard means that we provide Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) which establish a systematic approach to design, construction, and commissioning processes for new investments and upgrades to existing assets.

We provide a renewable energy and energy storage system solution to decarbonization and energy usage across your site.

We look after all the entire project process as well as staying with you to monitor and advise on how to further reduce energy inefficiency and carbon taxes.

  • Concept Design

  • Planning

  • Engineering & Detailed Design

  • Schedule

  • Procurement

  • System Build

  • Validation - FAT / SAT

  • Installation & Commissioning

  • Energy Compliance & Environmental Platform

  • Hyper Care Service ( SLA)

Energy Trading

We give our customers access to the DS3 trading market which allows them to generate revenue by allowing our partners to trade with their Energy Storage System.

In Ireland our national grid operates at 50Hz, the maintenance of this is critical to the country. Maintaining 50Hz was simple back when we had solid fuel burning power station as the power output was always a constant, but now with the move to renewable energy it is getting much harder to maintain as renewable sources of energy is unpredictable and can be too high or too low depending on the day. The DS3 trading scheme uses large energy storage systems to help regulate the grid, so for example if a windfarm goes down and this causes the frequency to drop a brown/blackout could occur. To counter this energy trading companies will send power from your Energy Storage System to augment the grid. Similarly if there is too much power being produced at the windfarm rather than waste the excess electricity they will instead send it to your Energy Storage System.

Being on this scheme offers very good financial incentives which will drastically reduce your RoI as well as continue to generate revenue for your company long after the system has been paid off.