About Us

Crest Pro Power is a subsidiary of Crest Solutions a CXV Global Company.We are specialist in bringing the best technologies through key partnerships to our Large Blue-chip companies, especially in the Life Science industry. Our Global foot print allows us to bring compliant solutions to our customers in a standardized manner. We are multi site, multi disciplinary, multi National and multi language.

Crest Pro Power Ltd (CPP) is a leading supplier of renewable technology solutions in Ireland and Europe providing complex PV and Energy Storage Systems for large industry.

CPP designs, builds and installs renewable energy solutions to allow commercial Industry to take responsibility for their own electricity supply, by self-generating and storing energy using Solar PV and Energy Storage Systems.

  • We decarbonize Life Science, commercial and domestic sites through industrial PV and Energy Storage Systems technology combined with data analytics.

  • We provide Energy As a Service (EAS) for large industrial customers.

  • We harness environmental big data to manage key metrics.

  • We optimize environmental software platforms to provide green energy to our customers

  • We develop sustainable strategies which will reduce our customer’s carbon footprint.

  • We ensure our customers are compliant with energy and environmental objectives.

  • We reduce our customers environmental impact while future proofing against carbon taxes.

  • We are thought leaders in environmental impacts and trends.

  • We provide an advisory service for future changes in carbon taxes and industry impact.