Bringing Renewable Energy Solutions to Compliant Industries

What we do

We at Crest Pro Power use our industry expertise and state of the art renewable energy technology to help decarbonize the life science and commercial industries.

Solar PV Solution

Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) is one the most popular sources of renewable energy. It is perfectly suited to the commercial and life science industry as it can utilize roof space that would normally not be used where as the like of wind power requires a large area to be available to install.

Energy Storage System

Crest Pro Power offers Energy System Storage solutions to enable large businesses to store energy generated during low tariff periods and use it when tariff prices are high. Our system can be incorporated with PV Solar to store any excess PV generation. Our customers can benefit from revenue streams through demand response schemes where the customer can benefit from having the battery available to the Grid for fixed payments.


Crest Pro Power designs, builds and installs renewable energy solutions to allow commercial Industry to take responsibility of their own electricity supply, by self-generating and storing energy using Solar PV and battery technology

Case Study

For an example of a typical project we would work on please have a look at our Case Study.